About Nihar

My background includes corporate and freelance experience in the tech industry, with a history of Web and Mobile Application Development. I have worked on multiple projects across different business domains ranging from startups to large scale businesses. I’ve worked in the software industry for years with a combination of well-reputed local and international businesses.

Technology excites me like magic. Creating a user-centric digital experience is always what I wished to create, to get the user attracted, engaged, and then diverted towards the business. The initiation of my fascinating professional career in web and app development always had the goal to turn the ideas into real-life solutions. I have always been full of enthusiasm and technology gives life to the enthusiastic me!

Let’s shake the hands if you are looking for a techie like me to help you with driving an audience to your company or an application or website that speaks for you rather than just being available on the internet to be searched.

Technologies We Are Working With
Web Developemnet

Full cycle Web Development services with agile methodology to build high performing sites & apps at low price

Mobile App Developemnt

Enterprise mobility solutions for a wide range of industries specializing in both native and hybrid apps

Why you should choose Nihar as your next Web or mobile application development partner

Why Nihar

    Knowledge about the different industry sectors:
  • You don’t have to worry about the lost human touch and emotions. The depth of knowledge and experience that I have gained while working in different sectors is something that I have for you in stock to surprise with.
  • Years of experience & expertise:
  • They say: age is just a number, what I believe is they said it right. As my years of experience is way more than what I carry on my certificates. The expertise and experience are reflected in my work.
  • To not just have a professional, working human-robot:
  • I believe in adding value than just nodding to the provided information. You would literally have a human working for you with a heart that would try its best to help you with the best, honestly.
  • Value for money:
  • What you pay for, you get more than that. I don’t believe in extracting just your hard-earned money of yours. The best solution for your requirement is what I would suggest to you, even if it doesn't sound soothing to your ears, it assuredly would be beneficial for your business.
  • Happy mates:
  • My happy mates have stories and experiences to share. They were once my client and now we have a relationship built out of trust and satisfaction. In the years that I have dedicated to this profession, I have built relations rather than a mere business world.
  • Someone to understand what your heart wants:
  • Business is not just about the service, you initiated it with some emotions attached, and growing your business means enhancing love for what your heart justifies. I understand what is best for your business in technical aspects. I am someone who is working on his passion, there won’t be someone who can understand your emotions better than me.